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16 Foot Minimum Charge

Double Slip (up to 27 feet)

$40.00 per foot L.O.A

Sing Slip (up to 45 feet)

$50.00 per foot L.O.A

All boats on D & E docks will be charged a minimum of 30ft plus electric & water.

Electric & Water to the Dock

$6.00 per ft additional


(No Shuttle Service)

$30.00 per ft L.O.A

Dry Space

(Boat on Trailer)

$20.00 per ft L.O.A

Dinghy Completely Aboard Boat

(Per Jet Ski)

$100.00 per season

Pump-Out Fee

$5.00 per Token

Season LAUNCH Pass

(Including Parking)


Season PARKING Pass

(NOT Including Launch Pass)


Summer Trailer Storage

(Must Sign Up in Store)

Doesn't apply for anyone that stores their boat in the winter at Kinzua Wolf Run Marina.


Put In / Pull Out Water

(2 Guys Directing & 1 Operator)

Boats under 50 ft and the tractor is used

$2.00 per ft

Put In / Pull Out Water

(2 Guys Directing & 1 Operator)

Boats over 50 ft and the deuce and a half is used

$200.00 flat fee

Boating Course Hotline:

1(888) 723-4741

Fishing & Boating Info:

(717) 705-7800

US Army Corps of Engineers:

(814) 726-0661

Mandatory education for boaters from the PA Fish & Boat Commission: All person born on or after January 1, 1982 shall not operate motorboats of greater than 25 horse power on waters of this Commonwealth without first obtaining a boating safety education certificate. Persons who already have a boating certificate will not be required to obtain a new one.

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